This week’s app is called MoviePro.

MoviePro is a video recording app for the iPhone.

“Why oh why”, I hear you cry do I need another video recording app for the iPhone. I have ‘Camera’”.

Camera is perfectly good. It’s got stills, it’s got video, it’s got panoramic views. It’s got timelapse. Why do I need something else?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because of this little thing here.

This thing is an audiometer and an audiometer will help you to record sound better because you tell the levels of the recording as you’re going along.

And as we all know, sound is really important when you’re watching a video.

How many vlogs have you seen where you’ve switched off because the sound quality just ain’t good enough?

So. 5 bucks. Go to your friendly app store. Buy it. I highly recommend it.

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