Hello I’m Jez and welcome to my latest vlog. Whether you’re doing this yourself or with the assistance of a most able video team, one of the chief differences between how to present live and presenting via video  that with video you are in complete control of your environment. So, you’d better make the most of it.

Rule of Thirds

One of the things we talk about in videoland is something called the Rule of Thirds. That means that when you’re in front of camera you should really be in one-third of shot or frame. Like this.

It helps to establish you as the main point of interest and leaves space in the background for something relatively interesting.

The Background

The second thing concerns what to use in the background. I would keep things simple but subtle.

I’ve used flowers. You could use your brand colours. But I wouldn’t go as far as using your logo, particularly on one of those banners you get at corporate events.

I’ve seen people try to do that and it really does make a mess of what would otherwise be a lovely art-directed video.

You can, however, use one of these. These are called bugs and bugs help to identify you video as yours – a little version of your logo is always a good idea.

And of course, in the online world it means that someone can’t purloin it and use it as their own.


You may have heard of something called bokeh or shallow depth of field. Bokeh is this blurry stuff in the background and it makes this sharper stuff in the foreground really stand out.

And I think it’s rather zazzy! We’ll be dealing with how to do it in later videos.

So there you have it. Some straightforward steps to setting up the perfect vlog or corporate video presentation.

And remember when it comes to your personal brand, it’s not just about your business, it’s about you at your very best.

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