Hello I’m Jez and welcome to another Vlog. This one’s all about camera equipment.

Expensive camera equipment? No way!

I know what you’re thinking. “That man there is a professional videographer so he must have really expensive equipment that he’s had for yonks.”
Well I have an expensive piece of equipment, it’s true, but I rarely use it.
The single piece of equipment I use is called a Lumix G5. In fact it’s not the most modern Lumix.

Mirrorless is the business

It is a mirrorless camera and it is rather wonderful because it enables you to take the most artistic of shots.
And you have the most control over it as well. Reason?
You can use good old-fashioned lenses that you can get for anything between 30 and 60 bucks.
The camera itself doesn’t cost much more than £300 and when you’ve got all the adapters, tripods and stuff like that, you’ve probably got change from about £500.
So if you’re thinking of doing this stuff without just using your mobile phone then I would heartily recommend going about it thus.