Be enthusiastic!

Welcome to the fourth in a short series of tips ‘n’ tricks on how to prepare you and your staff better for videoconferencing.

I’d be a fairly wealthy chap if I had a dollar for each time I’d heard someone with a largely technical responsibility (say, Finance, IT or Ops) warn people that what they were about to say was “boring”. Laconic, witty or whatever, it’s likely to have a largely negative slant on what you’re trying to convey.

Particularly if it’s over a broadband network via video. Thinking your audience will be bored is almost 100% likely to confirm your bias. And they will be bored.

What you do in your day-to-day life can never be truly boring, otherwise, let’s face it, you wouldn’t do it.

So put a bit of oomph in it. Smile a little, at the very least or show some passion for what you do. It’s a very unlikely and unlucky person who finds their audience yawning over an enthusiastic explanation or presentation. And if you can’t imagine them liking it, for whatever reason, then imagine you’re talking to people like you.