Set the Scene!

Welcome to the second in a short series of tips ‘n’ tricks on how to prepare you and your staff better for videoconferencing.

When you’re about to take part in a video conferencing call, wherever you are, whether it’s from home or from the office either on your own or with other members of your team, remember that your environment plays a crucial part in the way you communicate with the outside world. So make sure that you –

  • Find a spot that isn’t cluttered. You’re the focal point, not your stuff
  • Try and find depth in the background, preferably pointing to the corner of the room and not to one wall directly behind you
  • Don’t fill the screen just with your face – this can be quite daunting / distracting
  • Have the lens of whatever camera you’re using point directly at you and not up or down. If you don’t have control over this, have a word with IT

Your environment determines your state of mind and ensures that you give a good impression at all times, regardless of discussions that follow.

‘Till next time.