Welcome to the third in a short series of tips ‘n’ tricks on how to prepare you and your staff better for videoconferencing.

It’s so easy to enter any meeting without preparing. And there are many ways you can get away with it when you haven’t done so and you’re meeeting face-to-face. For a start, it’s easier to get out of a sticky situation when you’re physically in the same space as there’s so much opportunity to let your personality do the talking.

But when your meeting is in the virtual space so many other factors can render all that stuff meaningless. As it’s far less tactile it’s not quite so easy to convey your personality at all. And when you have to exert more discipline owing to the frequent limitations of the comms technology itself, winging it becomes less and less of a tactic.

So ensure, at the very least, you’ve summarized what you’re about to say. And remember, whenever you use technology to communicate, unlike a lot of face-to-face meetings, you also have technology to help you note that stuff down – like your enterprise software or public domain software like Evernote or Todoist. Which means that it’s often easier to share that information straight off the bat.