Jez is an amazing professional, leader and coach. My local finance team was very lucky to have Jez as our special coach for a workshop on how to present to invisible audiences.
His knowledge on the topics of audio, video and tele presenting was very well tailored and provided a highly relevant perspective to the attendees facing many questions of organisational change.
In short time, the participants gained valuable perspective on the major trends that are transforming the way of communication and tricks and tips on how to deal with some of their specific challenges. Jez has a very deep expertise and passion for people.
His workshop was very beneficial and I would highly recommend to any organisation or business!
Thank you, Jez!
Ana Bonet, Senior Finance Business Partner, American Express

These are the days of Virtual Communication.

We share our expert knowledge, professional experience and infectious enthusiasm for digital media to help you maximise the potential for virtual communications technology within your organisation.

Whether it’s facing the challenges of videoconferencing and virtual groupware software like Skype or WebEx or presenting with confidence to an invisible audience via a pre-recorded video link, now | house has the services to help you deliver your leaders’ messages with power and conviction in the Virtual Age.